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Sweets that are gentle on the body for diabetes mother

01: Reasons for aiming to develop sweets for diabetes Among the various dietary restrictions, Abit wants to work next to "gluten -free or white sugar" is delicious for those with diabetes and those...

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[Please support a new place in Kamakura]

01: "8th Anniversary Challenge" A place for new exchanges in Kamakura Aahbit has been selling delicious cakes with flour, no white sugar, and low GI, but to a cafe where you can interact with custo...

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Breakfast Savior Vegan Granola

01: Granola's basic knowledge One of the cereals such as corn flakes and oatmeal is called Granola. Made by heating and drying oats and rye seasoned with syrup. It features a crunchy texture, and ...

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February 14th is Valentine

01: What is Valentine's Day? February 14 is Valentine's Day. It is celebrated as "Lover's Day" around the world. In Japan, as a winter classic event, women are known as the day when women give choc...

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