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February 14th is Valentine

01: What is Valentine's Day?

February 14 is Valentine's Day. It is celebrated as "Lover's Day" around the world. In Japan, as a winter classic event, women are known as the day when women give chocolate to men.

But isn't there a few people who know the origin and origin of Valentine's Day?

In fact, on February 14, 270 AD, the saint Barentinus was killed in the order of the Roman emperor and called him as the day to celebrate him as "Saint Valentine's Day". It's like.

If you hear this, you may find it scary, but that's not the case.
From here on, I will talk about the "Saint Valentinous execution" incident that occurred in the 3rd century Rome.

The Roman Emperor at the time banned the marriage of soldiers because the soldiers who left their beloved people in their hometown would be morale. Meanwhile, Barentinus, a Christian festival, was hiding and having many soldiers in opposition to policies.

His rumors eventually entered the emperor's ears, and the angry emperor ordered Valentinus to never do so again and to convert to Roman religion. However, Valentinus was executed on February 14, around 270 AD because he preached the preciousness of love and did not follow the order.

He praised the courageous behavior of the saint Valentinus, who fulfilled his life and died in love, and began to pray and pray for him as the "Love Guardian St. Valentine".

Since the 14th century, more than 1,000 years have passed since St. Varentinus, and February 14, lovers have settled as events for exchanging gifts.

02: Only Japan will give you chocolate on Valentine's Day

Recently, the number of "reverse chocolate" given to women to women is increasing, but basically the "day for women to give chocolate to men" is established as Valentine's Day.
Actually, this custom is a unique Japanese culture.

According to one theory, the gimmick is a Morozov confectionery in Kobe.
There is a theory that the beginning of the advertising copy "Let's give chocolate to your Valentine" is the beginning.

If "Valentine's Day = Chocolate" is a unique culture of Japan, what is the way of spending Valentine's Day abroad?
I will introduce some.

First is the UK. In the UK, couples exchange gifts such as cards, flowers and jewelry.

In Taiwan, there are many people who propose, and luxury hotel restaurants will be full by booking a couple.

In the United States, men prepare a card and bouquet that writes a message that conveys their gratitude and love to their favorite women, and enjoy dinner and play at restaurants. That's nice.

By the way, there are no particular days to return from women to men like White Day.

That's nice!

03: How to spend this year Valentine's Day

This year, why don't you plan a "way of spending a different Valentine" based on the origin of Valentine and how to spend overseas?

Thank you for the days you can spend with your loved ones, and write on the message card of "Thank you" and "Small likes" that you couldn't always convey because of the shyness.
Paste the message card on a toothpick,Upy pieWhy don't you give a stabbed gift?

Woopy pie with cream cheese cream on dough using cacao is not too sweet, and even men can eat it with pelori.

Please get a good return unlike the United States.