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[Please support a new place in Kamakura]

01: "8th Anniversary Challenge" A place for new exchanges in Kamakura

Aahbit has been selling delicious cakes with flour, no white sugar, and low GI, but to a cafe where you can interact with customers about new products for those with even wider dietary restrictions. And we are working on renovation of the store. Cafes, which are aiming for opening in February next year, will be a place where you can hold workshops, but we plan to operate as a cafe where you can spend your time with meals, children, and elderly people.

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02: Abit's Dream

I dream of realizing "a world where people with dietary restrictions can eat delicious sweets by forgetting restrictions" through Abit.
"You can eat what you want to eat, when you want to eat, you can eat as much as you want."
This is actually very luxurious.
There are various reasons such as illness and health, but it is more difficult to eat when you like what you like.
Therefore, I would like to deliver products that will be released from dietary restrictions and smile to those who have dietary restrictions around the world.

03: What are the people who have dietary restrictions?

The "people who need dietary restrictions" we think are the following people.
1. "Ceriac disease" that worsens the symptoms when consuming foods containing gluten such as wheat
2. "Diabetes" that requires restrictions on sugar intake and blood sugar level management
3. "Hypertension" which is recommended for salt intake restrictions
4. "Allergies" for specific foods such as dairy products, eggs, nuts, nuts, wheat, fish, and crustaceans
5. "Kidney disease" that requires restrictions on intake such as protein, salt, phosphorus, potassium, etc.

In addition to these, many people have restricted their religions and personal beliefs, and in recent years due to lipid -free and carbohydrate -free health management and diet purposes. For whatever reason, I would like to provide an opportunity to eat "delicious sweets" without worrying about dietary restrictions.

04: Being able to support you

We will use it for renovation costs to the store's cafe, developing new products, promotion branding of Abit.

・ Store renovation cost (including the current status of the current studio)
・ New product development (R & D costs/raw materials expenses/safety inspection costs, etc.)
・ Product promotion and branding
・ Fees for CAMPFIRE

In crowdfunding, we would like you to help you with the aim of 2 million yen. If you can achieve your goals as soon as possible, I would like to ask for a higher goal of 4 million yen and 6 million yen.

The more you collect, the faster you can develop a new product for those with carbohydrates. I want to be with you at the moment when the world of people with dietary restrictions changes. Be sure to be one of your friends who supports Abit.

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