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Sweets that are gentle on the body for diabetes mother

01: Reasons for aiming to develop sweets for diabetes

Among the various dietary restrictions, Abit wants to work next to "gluten -free or white sugar" is delicious for those with diabetes and those who can diet with carbohydrate cuts. Sweets manufacture and sale.

This is due to the fact that my mother had diabetes as an original experience. My mother, who loved eating, was eating a lot of lean, and ate everything deliciously with Morimori, but due to diabetes, the amount and types of eating were limited. Currently, I always attach a sensor that measures blood sugar levels to my arms, and when I eat something, I measure my blood sugar level and try to eat less burden on my body.

When my mother experimented with Abit's sweets, there were some products that did not raise my mother's blood sugar level. In particular, chocolate cheesecake did not have any blood sugar levels. I want to see my mother who eats chocolate cheesecake happily and let me eat more sweets. I strengthened my feelings.
( * In the case of mother, chocolate cheesecake did not give blood sugar levels, but the reaction varies depending on the constitution, so if you have diabetes, consult your doctor and have a diet that suits your body. Please)

When I looked into my mother's catastrophe, I found that the number of patients suffering from diabetes is increasing around the world. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's National Health and Nutrition Survey, it is estimated that more than 10 million Japanese diabetic patients in Japan are said to be more than 20 million, including diabetes reserve forces, which are not diagnosed with diabetes. I am. In Japan, where the population is aging, it is said that the number of patients will increase, and it can be assumed that many people have troubles like mother. For such people, I want to deliver a gentle and delicious sweets made from natural ingredients without using "artificial sweeteners". With that in mind, we are currently working on it.

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02: The world we aim for

Through Abit, the dream is to realize a world where people with dietary restrictions can forget their restrictions and eat delicious sweets.
"You can eat what you want to eat, when you want to eat, you can eat as much as you want."
This is actually very luxurious.
There are various reasons such as illness and health, but it is more difficult to eat when you like what you like.
Therefore, I would like to deliver products that will be released from dietary restrictions and smile to those who have dietary restrictions around the world.

03: Reasons to work on crowdfunding

One and a half years have passed since the business has been officially succeeded, and management is being rebuilt in a new system. However, it took more time to launch a new workshop completed in Kamakura City in February, and more than expected before the manufacturing of existing products was put on track. Therefore, we are not ready for the renovation funds of the store and the development funds for new products.
Since we have already borrowed a large borrowing in the new workshop, we are currently repayment, so we want to be able to borrow any more if possible.
In addition, in response to the depreciation of the yen and the high price, not only construction materials, but also the raw materials for the crop products that are manufactured every day are soaring, and we are operating while reducing the price of the product selling price as much as possible. However, this is also a factor that compresses profits.
In this case, it is likely that people with dietary restrictions will take a very long time to realize a world where you can forget the restrictions and eat delicious sweets. I want to borrow.

Also, I would be glad if you arrived at anyone who did not know about Abit through this opportunity. I think. I would be very happy if you could introduce Aahbit to your acquaintance through SNS as well as financial support.

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