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Ice Woo Pie (3 pieces)

Sale price¥1,190 (税込)

[Gluten -free / no white sugar]
Large, large, very popular ice wool pie!
Sweets sandwiched between cream cheese are frozen between the baked dough using cacao.
Despite being moist and satisfying, the aftertaste is refreshing with the sourness of cream cheese. You will eat as many as you like!
The expiration date is long, so you can enjoy it even if you have a lot.


* This product will be delivered in a frozen state.

Ice Woo Pie (3 pieces)
Ice Woo Pie (3 pieces) Sale price¥1,190 (税込)

Happy pie that can be grabbed with one hand

Moist texture,
A luxury that spreads the fragrance and sweetness of cacao in the mouth.
When frozen, the aftertaste is even more refreshing,
Melting to a more moist texture.
A petit gift that is pleased with women.