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Carrot cake (12cm)

Sale price¥2,900 (税込)

[Gluten -free / no white sugar]
A classic cake that keeps repeaters!
Gluten -free dough with plenty of ginseng, walnuts, raisins and spices, and a creamy cream cheese icing on it.
Some of the repeaters enjoy the change of taste by heating in a range for about 20 seconds at 600W ...
We will deliver it in an aahbit colored cosmetic box.


* This product will be delivered in a frozen state.

Carrot cake (12cm)
Carrot cake (12cm) Sale price¥2,900 (税込)

The light of a warm day
A gentle taste that has been taken a lot

I've been loved in the UK for a long time
The sweetness of gentle carrots and the scent of spices
Please enjoy it