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Apple Cinnamon Ranola (100g)

Sale price¥1,400 (税込)

[Gluten -free / no white sugar (vegan compatible)]
Raisins, coconuts, etc.
It is a granola with a cinnamon scent with various ingredients.
Large dry apples will enhance the taste.
In addition to wheat and white sugar, it is a product that does not use eggs and dairy products.
Vegan can also enjoy it with confidence.


* This product will be delivered in a frozen state.

Apple Cinnamon Ranola (100g)
Apple Cinnamon Ranola (100g) Sale price¥1,400 (税込)

With a habit of spice
Adult taste that will be taken

With the taste of craftsmen's sticking
Collaboration of body -friendly materials.
The texture
With the taste of spices that never get tired
Granola becomes Toriko if you notice it.
Gluten -free for vegan.