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Almond Square (3 pieces)

Sale price¥1,190 (税込)

 [Gluten -free / no white sugar (vegan compatible)]
It is a vegan -compatible fluantine that does not use eggs or dairy products.
It is a fragrant baked confectionery with plenty of almond slices coated with caramel on a cookie dough.


* This product will be delivered in a frozen state.

Almond Square (3 pieces)
Almond Square (3 pieces) Sale price¥1,190 (税込)

Feel free to always
The addictive "Zaku"

The addictive "Zaku"
Fluantan with irresistible texture.
The crisp texture,
Almond fragrance,
Gentle sweetness has a snack time
It will change to a more satisfying time.